Politico: A bill to sanction Georgian politicians will be submitted to Congress

20.05.24 16:15

A bill will be submitted to the United States Congress that would threaten the seizure of assets and a travel ban for those responsible for introducing Russian-style "foreign agents" to Georgia, Politico reports.


According to the publication, the draft law states that the ruling party "Georgian Dream" is "increasingly and unfortunately pursuing the policy of agreement with the Russian Federation". According to the bill, Tbilisi openly attacks the US and other Western democracy-promoting organizations, as well as local and international civil society, while increasing ties with Russia and China.


According to Politico, "Republican" Joe Wilson will likely present the bill to Congress today. Its terms oblige senior US officials to report to Congress "on the nexus of undue political influence, kleptocracy and elite corruption in Georgia," as well as Russian and Chinese intelligence assets operating in the country.


Politico writes that the bill provides sanctions against government officials and others who "are materially responsible for undermining or harming democracy, human rights or security in Georgia."


"As part of efforts to 'protect and secure democracy', the bill provides for a visa ban for politicians and politicians' families responsible for passing Russian-style foreign agent legislation," the publication wrote.


According to Politico, the target of sanctions will also be Georgia's law enforcement agencies and security services, which prevented protests against the "foreign agents" bill. "The government responded to the tens of thousands of people who came to the streets by using tear gas and water cannon, beating and arresting activists and opposition politicians," the publication wrote.




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