Girchi Party sceptical about their Political Lobbying bill's support in Parliament

22.04.24 16:00

Iago Khvichia, leader of the Girchi party, is not optimistic about the prospects of their bill on political lobbying being supported by Parliament.


Khvichia discussed the reasons for introducing the bill and its potential impact.


“The goal of adopting the lobbying law is to ensure that politicians do not become socially vulnerable. Currently, MPs’ salaries are roughly equivalent to taxi drivers’ wages, which I find problematic given that MPs control a 55-billion-dollar economy and a 30-billion-dollar budget, but their salaries are around GEL 3,500.


Instead of MPs being silently financed by Bidzina’s [Bidzina Ivanishvili, the leader of Georgian Dream] funds and the opposition with Kezerashvili’s money, I would prefer politicians to receive a reasonable salary. This can be achieved through legal lobbying, rather than money taken from the people,” stated Khvichia.




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