Kakha Kaladze: Football players, athletes, actors and representatives of various fields are being bullied

18.04.24 10:11

Certain politicians, political parties and non-governmental organizations are fascists who are inciting violence and bullying, - said the mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze.


According to him, in recent days, athletes, actors, media and representatives of various fields have been bullied.


"Peace is important for everyone, for us ttoo. Our goal, towards which we strive, is the European future. Our football players, athletes in general, actors and representatives of various fields are being bullied. You cannot imagine what happens in their private messages, how they are insulted. Who is doing this and who is behind it, everything is clear to the public. These people keep their handwriting - they are ordinary fascists. They have nothing to do with liberalism, democracy or European values at all. Similar bullying is carried out against media representatives. Not one person condemned all this and this general bullying. Even when Elisashvili assaulted Mamuka Mdinaradze, did you see any statements? Violence was incited," Kakha Kaladze said.


According to him, those who do not believe in the government can read the bill themselves and make sure that it does not contradict the European future.


"Certain politicians, political parties and certain non-governmental organizations are fascists. I don't talk about everyone. There are people who sincerely believe, are misled or do not have the correct information. Therefore, I want to ask everyone, including young people, not to believe even us. Read yourself and come to the conclusion that the said draft law does not contradict the European future", Kakha Kaladze said on Imedi TV.




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