Maka Bochorishvili: the completely argumentless opposition has nothing left, except to commit violence at the hands of weak Aleko Elisashvili and then applaud the violence

15.04.24 17:00

Maka Bochorishvili, chairman of the Parliament's European Integration Committee, evaluated the fact of the attack by Aleko Elisashvili on the leader of the parliamentary majority, Mamuka Mdinaradze, on the social network.


According to Bochorishvili, there is nothing left for the argumentless opposition, "except to be abused by the weak Aleko Elisashvili and then approve of the violence."


"The European value in the sense of the Georgian opposition was:




Restriction of freedom of speech and expression!


Stigmatizing people in the worst sense of the word!


Abolishing the homeland and redrawing everything for which the Georgian people fought!


Which Europe are you talking about?


where are you going?


Who will let you into the family?


Fortunately, you are neither the face of Georgia nor the Georgian people!


To what percentage should your ratings drop to understand the simple truth: what you represent has no place in Georgian society!


What should be more lustration?!


"There is nothing left for the completely argumentless opposition, except to commit violence at the hands of the weak Aleko Elisashvili and then applaud the violence," writes Maka Bochorishvili.




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