New party vows to protect European perspective, urges Western partners not to trust GD

03.04.24 14:53

“Georgian Dream is a threat to Georgian democracy,” said Nika Gvaramia, a member of the New Party.


Nika Gvaramia noted that the ruling Georgian Dream was doing its best to prevent Georgia from joining the European Union.


According to Gvaramia, the parliament intended to pass the law “On the Transparency of Foreign Influence” in June when people had no time to express protests due to the UEFA 2024 Euro Championships.


He called on citizens not to trust the GD and to turn to the streets to protect Georgia’s European future through constitutional forms.


“Do not trust them because oligarchy, tyranny only retreats temporarily. In any case, it is an enemy of freedom and will always achieve its goal. I would appeal to our Western partners – do not trust the Georgian Dream,” he said.


Nika Gvaramia said that the Georgian Dream was the Russian regime and called on the Georgian people to fight to the end.


“We must fight to the end. The Georgian Dream should be changed. There is no other way out. If we want to be members of civilization, if we want freedom, if we want happiness, we must act only in this way. The goal of our party is to drive the Georgian nation forward towards the European Union. We will be able to do it. We are deeply convinced of that,” he said.


The ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party will resubmit a modified draft bill on transparency of foreign financing.



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