Mamuka Mdinaradze: The bill will be introduced with the same text as last year

03.04.24 12:04

The bill will be introduced in the Parliament of Georgia with exactly the same text as it was introduced last year, with the only difference, instead of the term "agent of foreign influence", the term "organization carrying the interests of a foreign power" will be used, said Mamuka Mdinaradze, the leader of the parliamentary majority.


According to him, the bill will be passed by all three readings by the end of the current session.


"All other notes of the bill are unchanged. We remind you that the draft law envisages the only requirement for organizations receiving foreign funding to publish their annual financial report, for the violation of which only financial sanctions are provided. This is the minimum standard of public accountability and transparency that any organization with even a formal claim to integrity must meet. Accordingly, the content of the draft law does not provide even a minimal basis for criticism. The draft law will be adopted by all three hearings by the end of the current session", said Mdinaradze.




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