Report of the Special Investigation Service: The rate of solving crimes committed by law enforcement officers increased - in 2023, investigations were started on 336 criminal cases, of which 118 criminal cases were opened

03.04.24 11:33

According to the statistical data of the investigation of the Special Investigation Service, the rate of detection of crimes committed by law enforcement officers in 2023 has increased compared to 2022.


Information about this is disseminated by the Special Investigation Service.


According to the agency, the purpose and mission of creating an independent investigative mechanism in the country was the timely and effective investigation of the facts of violent and improper treatment committed by public officials.


"On March 31, the Special Investigation Service presented the 2023 activity report to the Parliament of Georgia, which presents information on the activities of the agency in 2023. Among other things, the report outlines the rate of detection and resolution of abuses committed by law enforcement officers, public officials, and violent crimes, including both prosecutions initiated by the prosecutor's office, as well as diversions and dismissals.


In particular, in 2022, the Special Investigation Service started investigating the above-mentioned category of crime in a total of 291 criminal cases, and 81 criminal cases were opened, the percentage of opening is 28%. In 2023, the investigation was started on a total of 336 criminal cases, and 118 criminal cases were opened, the percentage of opening is 35%, "- it is mentioned in the published information.




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