Mamuka Mdinaradze: No one has ever insulted the court more than the National Movement

02.04.24 10:05

Foreigners' money in Georgia, instead of being used to improve the court's independence, its quality, is spent to discredit the court, and this happens together with the party that put the court in its pocket and destroyed it. No one has ever insulted the Georgian court more than the "National Movement", the court was raped and these people are planning to discredit the court, Mamuka Mdinaradze, the executive secretary of the "Georgian Dream", the leader of the parliamentary majority, said.


According to Mdinaradze, the "NGO" sector helps the "National Movement" in discrediting the court and calls it a terrorist act against the Georgian law and the Georgian court."National Movement" plans to discredit the court. We all remember what was done to the court during its rule. Today, they are trying to attack the court again, and representatives of the "NGO" sector are helping in this. No matter what we say, "NGO", who should fight anyone who tries to discredit the court and whoever tries to spread misinformation about the court - these people themselves spread misinformation about the court and spend the received grants to damage the court. I can't imagine what could be more harmful. This is a terrorist act against Georgian law and the Georgian court," said Mamuka Mdinaradze.




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