Kakha Kaladze: Georgia is not a province or state of any country 

01.04.24 16:26

The judicial system during the "National Movement" period is as different as the sky and the earth from the current judicial system, - the mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze, said this while talking to journalists about the so-called vetting system.


According to Kaladze, some forces want to subordinate the court and judges.


"Like sky and earth, the court system that existed during the "National Movement" in previous years is different from today's court system. With all kinds of statistics, we can get an answer in this regard. To put it bluntly, some forces want to subjugate the courts, the judges, and they rule all of this. Not the constitution and the Georgian people, but specifically those individuals or organizations. Everything is clear and clear. We know everything, how campaign financing works in countries, what it is based on and why it is done. I think the Georgian people have already analyzed everything very well, understand it well and call everything by their own name. Georgia has a constitution and laws that we respect. We are a sovereign state, an independent country, and our ancestors fought precisely to be independent. We have shed blood for this, and of course it is fundamentally important to preserve our sovereignty. Georgia is not a province or state of any country. We are an independent country, we have a constitution, and everyone should be kind and respect our statehood and the Georgian people," Kakha Kaladze said.




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