Defence Minister: NATO-Georgia Commission “important” format of cooperation

21.02.24 12:01

Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Chikovani on Wednesday said that the NATO-Georgia Commission was an “important” format of cooperation between Georgia and NATO.


In his remarks over the Georgian PM’s ongoing visit to Brussels, Chikovani noted that the Commission offered an opportunity to review the reforms that had been implemented in Georgia.


“We will have the opportunity to review the reforms that have been carried out in Georgia, of course, first of all in terms of strengthening the defence capability, on the other hand, in terms of increasing compatibility with NATO, and also regarding the political processes occuring in the country”, Chikovani said.


“Georgia has made significant progress in absolutely all these directions. [...] Receiving the EU membership candidate status was another important proof that Georgia is on the right path of development”, Chikovani concluded.



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