Temperature expected to rise to +20, +25 degrees in Georgia on February 13-14

12.02.24 14:10

On February 13-14, warm and mostly rainless weather will be maintained in Georgia, the National Environment Agency reports.


According to the Agency, the air temperature will rise to +20, +25 degrees during the day in the lowlands, and rainy weather is expected from February 15, therefore the air temperature will also decrease.


The weather will be warm and rainless in Tbilisi on February 13-14, and a little rain is expected on February 15. The air temperature will be +20, +22 during the day on February 13-14, and +15, +17 degrees on February 15.


In the coastal areas (Batumi, Kobuleti, Anaklia, Poti): on February 13-14, the weather will be warm and rainless. The air temperature during the day will be +22, +24 degrees, and on February 15 it will rain, lightning is also expected, and the air temperature will drop.




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