Sarfi customs officers prevented the importation of a large amount of narcotics

09.02.24 13:29

At the customs checkpoint "Sarfi", the customs officers of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance, with the involvement of the employees of the Adjara Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, as a result of jointly conducted operational and investigative measures, prevented the fact of an attempt to illegally import a large amount of narcotic drug "cocaine" into the territory of Georgia.


Information about this is disseminated by the Revenue Service.


"In particular, a Turkish citizen, i.e., entered the control zone of Sarfi customs checkpoint. As a result of physical and luggage inspection of the mentioned citizen, based on suspicion, 100.22 grams of "cocaine" packed in one package were found.


The materials of the case were handed over to the appropriate unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia for further response," the information said

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