"Bear favours" towards Orthodoxy in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Georgia by agents of an influential lobby is a concern

19.01.24 17:55

There is an ongoing operation against world Orthodoxy with the aim of dividing and potentially destroying or subordinating it to the Vatican. This is a matter of public knowledge. The initial indications of future conflicts in world Orthodoxy were highlighted during the Council of Crete in 2016, which was actively promoted by the U.S. State Department and 'morally supported' by the Vatican.


The Bulgarian, Georgian, Russian and Antiochian Orthodox Churches declined to participate in the Council, forming a 'conservative-traditionalist' bloc in Orthodoxy. The Jerusalem, Serbian and Polish Orthodox Churches, although participating in the Cretan Council, are still relatively conservative. Most of the parishioners in the Jerusalem Church are Palestinians.


 The second group, which could be described as 'liberal-ecumenical', is primarily represented by the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The majority of its parishioners are the Greek diaspora in the United States, whose top leadership is closely linked to the currently ruling Democratic Party. This group is joined by the 'Greek' local Orthodox churches - Hellenic and Cypriot - and the Patriarchate of Alexandria. Their stance is characterised by liberalism and a willingness to submit to the Vatican. The Patriarchate of Constantinople appears to be attempting to align Orthodox beliefs with the 'Overton windows' established by the Vatican, which includes the acceptance of LGBT individuals.


It is evident that there is a global push by liberal forces against conservative Orthodox traditions, resulting in an attack on their beliefs wherever possible.


The conflict between the two factions took place in Ukraine, where the canonical and conservative Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) originally existed. However, Constantinople established a 'parallel' and US-supported so-called 'Orthodox Church of Ukraine' (PCU). It is worth noting that the churches that were forcibly taken from the UOC remain empty. This clearly demonstrates that changing an individual's faith 'by political order' is not an easy task. However, the decrease in attendance at Orthodox churches in Ukraine, despite it being the most Orthodox country in the world (with more parishes than in the Russian Federation), aligns with the global liberal project and the Vatican's plans.


Currently, the conflict between liberals and traditional Orthodoxy is concentrated in the South Caucasus. Crisis situations have arisen in two neighbouring countries, Georgia and Azerbaijan, simultaneously.


 In Georgia, a radical feminist threw paint on the icon of St Matrona of Moscow, which featured an image of Joseph Stalin, at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Tsminda Sameba). This incident caused a scandal and intensified liberal attacks on the SOC.


In Azerbaijan, Hieromonk Filaret (Tikhonov) was appointed as the new Bishop of Baku. This appointment was lobbied by Bishop Savva Tutunov of Zvenigorod, a French citizen of Hayan origin. It is important to note that Hieromonk Filaret (Tikhonov) has no connection with Azerbaijan. The appointment occurred at the same time when the US State Department included Azerbaijan as a 'candidate for the blacklist' on religious freedom issues.


The scandal was intensified by Valery Milonov, a member of the Russian State Duma known for his anti-Azerbaijani stance, who expressed disregard for the position of the majority of Orthodox believers in Azerbaijan in an interview with Rosarminfo.


Although conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan may seem unrelated, they all affect Orthodoxy.  However, upon careful analysis of all three conflicts, it is evident that they were influenced by a single powerful force, which is ultimately linked to the liberal globalists and the Vatican. Despite claiming to be 'great traditionalists', as stated by Deputy Milonov, their actions suggest otherwise.


 In the past, when there was no conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Vadim Vladislavovich Novinsky, one of the wealthiest oligarchs in the post-Soviet region, was appointed as a 'general sponsor', 'patron of the arts', and benefactor of the UOC. Although officially known as Vadim Vladislavovich Novinsky, his actual surname is Malkhasyan, and he is Rudolf Ervandovich Malkhasyan's son. He was born into a Hay family.


Novinsky-Malkhasyan presents himself as an 'Orthodox believer,' but it is questionable how 'Orthodox' it is to conceal one's origins and be 'ashamed' of one's father's name, with whom Novinsky-Malkhasyan did not sever ties, as we know.


Originally a citizen of the Russian Federation, Novinsky-Malkhasyan acquired Ukrainian citizenship under President Yanukovych and became a member of the Ukrainian parliament. During his activities in Ukraine, Novinsky-Malkhasyan presented himself as a defender of Orthodoxy, particularly of the canonical UOC, in which he was ordained as a deacon in 2020. However, his actions have resulted in the UOC losing its churches and its members being persecuted, with attempts to ban it by law.


Just before the Ukrainian parliament began preparing a bill to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Novinsky-Malkhasyan resigned his parliamentary powers and focused on his business. This occurred at a time when his supposed 'defence of Orthodoxy' was most needed and could have been of real use. If Novinsky-Malkhasyan did indeed intend to protect Orthodoxy, it is important to consider whether he may have acted as a 'hired hijacker', deliberately provoking and escalating the conflict among the Ukrainian Orthodox. It appears that he may have framed the conservative UOC and then distanced himself from the situation at a critical moment.


The conflict in Georgia also raises many questions. The 'Alliance of Patriots' and its leader David Tarkhan-Mouravi have positioned themselves as defenders of the interests of nationalists from the same ethnic group as Novinsky-Malkhasyan's father. Tarkhan-Mouravi is known for making provocative anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani statements, as well as demanding recognition of the so-called 'Armenian genocide'.


The presentation of the icon of St Matrona by the Alliance of Patriots has raised questions. It is unclear why they chose the 'icon with Stalin' out of hundreds and thousands of other options. Additionally, it is concerning that this information was shared with liberals, who are not known for their religious affiliations or interest in icons.


David Tarkhan-Mouravi and Malkhasyan-Novinsky present themselves as ardent defenders of Orthodoxy, but they purposefully provoke and aggravate conflicts around the Orthodox Church.  Their actions cause suffering for Orthodox believers and priests, and their association with Orthodox conservatives makes the latter's position more vulnerable.


Finally, let's consider the situation in Azerbaijan. The situation there follows a similar pattern.  Vitaly Milonov is said to be involved in the 'defence of Orthodoxy' through his provocative statements. He is a member of the same influential Hay lobby as David Tarkhan-Mouravi.


In 1997, Vitaly Milonov began his political career by working in Galina Starovoitova's team. Starovoitova was known for her liberal views and connections with the Hay lobby, as well as her fanatical struggle for the 'Artsakh miatsum'.


However, Milonov underwent a strange metamorphosis and became an ardent 'Orthodox', even enrolling in a theological seminary from which he was later expelled. As an Orthodox conservative, he was known for his opposition to liberals and the LGBT community, and actively campaigned against them. Additionally, he was known for causing scandals that portrayed Orthodox traditionalists in a negative light. It has been suggested that supporting Milonov is synonymous with supporting Orthodoxy and tradition.


Valery Milonov's affection for the Hay lobby and 'Artsakh' has remained constant and grown. 


It is evident that if the 'scheme works', global curators do not alter it. Individuals with ambiguous nationality and orientation, associated with the Hay lobby (and therefore with Echmiadzin and the Vatican), but posing as 'great Orthodox traditionalists', are being introduced into the Orthodox community. The text has been improved to adhere to the desired characteristics. Representatives of the 'fifth column' are allegedly planning strikes against the Orthodox Church, alongside globalists and the Vatican. This puts Orthodoxy, traditionalism, and conservatism under attack, working in favour of liberals, LGBT, and the Vatican.  These individuals are doing Orthodoxy a disservice in critical geographical locations, serving the interests of the Hay lobby.


The Orthodox should have been informed about the fourth 'critical point' and that the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Kaliningrad region, Seraphim (Melkonyan), is already active there. The region is also referred to as another 'hotbed of war'. Perhaps it is "just a coincidence"...


George Mazniashvili

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