Deputy Economy Minister: 2023 “particularly successful”, Georgian airports served over 6 mln passengers

16.01.24 16:29

Georgian Deputy Economy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili on Tuesday said 2023 had been a “particularly successful” year for the domestic tourism and aviation industry, with figures recording more than six million passengers received at the three international airports of the country.


She said “correct policy and action plan” of the Government that led to “successful” negotiations with international airlines and introduction of more new direct flights to and from the Georgian airports.


We have increased frequencies to important destinations for us. With increased air traffic in our country, the number of international tourist visits is increasing [...] It is very gratifying that we see even more direct flights from Europe, as well as from the Gulf countries”, Kvrivishvili said. 

Data published by the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency on Tuesday shows the country’s three international airports served 6,013,995 passengers last year - a 35 percent increase over 2022 and a 15 percent increase compared to the pre-pandemic figures of 2019.


Between them, the three facilities served the following numbers of passengers:

Tbilisi International Airport - 3,694,052 passengers, or a 23% increase y/y
Kutaisi International Airport - 1,671,198 passengers, or a 110% increase
Batumi International Airport - 621,514 passengers, or a 0.75% increase
The country’s local airports also saw an increase in passenger numbers last year, with central Georgia’s Natakhtari Airport serving 14,789 passengers, marking a 16 percent decrease year-on-year for the facility.


The Queen Tamar Airport in highland Mestia in the northwestern Svaneti region served 10,217 passengers in the first three months of the year - a nine percent increase y/y.


In the western Racha region, the Ambrolauri Airport saw 2,225 passengers pass through it, showing a 16 percent decrease year-on-year.


In 2023 Georgian airports served 26,290 flights, including 21,280 regular services. The number of flights marked a 23 percent increase year-on-year, the Agency said.


Leading airline companies based on passenger traffic
Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air is the leader in the Georgian airline market based on the number of passengers transported in 2023, followed by Turkish Airlines.


The top 10 airline companies with the highest number of passengers in 2023 year were:


Wizz Air Hungary - 21% (1,270,737 passengers)
Turkish Airlines - 11% (627,078 passengers)
Pegasus - 7% (423,655 passengers)
Georgian Airways - 5% (326,873 passengers) 
Azerbaijan Airlines - 5% (324,044 passengers)
Fly Dubai - 4% (218,433 passengers)
El Al Israel Airlines - 3% (202,469 passengers) 
Belavia - 3% (184,117 passengers)
Israir - 3% (182,941 passengers)
Air Arabia - 3% (155,303 passengers)
The Ministry of Economy said 43 airline companies operated in the country as of January 2024, offering flights to 89 destinations. 

Kvrivishvili said a “number of new projects” were also planned this year to ensure the airline infrastructure was “even more modern and well-equipped”.

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