Parliament Speaker highlights role of disabled persons, wounded military personnel

04.12.23 10:30

Georgian Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili on Sunday said the role and commitment of disabled persons, including injured military personnel, were “particularly noteworthy” today with “just a few days left before the European Council grants Georgia the European Union membership candidate status”.


In his social media post on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Papuashvili especially highlighted the wounded military personnel, who had defended global peace in hotspots around the world and now represented Georgia as successful para-athletes on the international stage”.

He said the Government had determined the rights of people with disabilities under the Constitution of Georgia in 2017, while the new law adopted in 2020 “opened a new door of opportunities” for them.


The Parliament Speaker added that the 2024 state budget involved an increased amount for the social rehabilitation and child care programme, stressing ₾76 million ($28.20mln) would be allocated for the programme next year, marking a “record increase” of ₾10 million ($3.71mln).


The sub-programmes of this initiative create sustainable and robust services for disabled individuals with various needs, and the enhanced social package will refer to all categories of persons with disabilities”, he noted.


Papuashvili also emphasised the importance of providing equal opportunities for disabled people, by putting forth all “efforts” for its fulfilment.




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