Paata Manjgaladze: Georgian Dream continues political flirting with Russia - our FM is "uncompromising" and it is better to let Davitashvili go to the OSCE ministerial again, so that there is no conflict with Lavrov

29.11.23 14:20

Ivanishvili is a smart man and he will not follow the defeated Russia to the grave, said Paata Manjgaladze, deputy of Strategy Builder.


Manjgaladze responded to Politico's article, where Bidzina Ivanishvili is on the list of so-called troublemakers and is referred to as an oligarch. As the opposition MP noted, this article once again confirms that the international community sees everything well.


"You know that the USA sanctioned Partskhaladze, who was a person from Ivanishvili's entourage. The circle around him widens. I will say that Ivanishvili is a wise smart and will not follow defeated Russia to the grave. Russia will be defeated. Ivanishvili had a feeling that Russia would soon win, because in February Gharibashvili wished Russia success. Then we saw that Russia did not achieve any success, moreover, it is doomed to defeat rather than gain victory. If they are not involved in the biggest conspiracy against Georgia, every reasonable person should understand that they should not follow Russia to the political grave," Manjgaladze said.


He also responded to Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili's participation in the OSCE ministerial, where Sergey Lavrov is also participating, and noted that Georgian Dream continues to flirt with Russia.


"Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is "uncompromising" and it is better to let Davitashvili go, so that there is no conflict with Lavrov. What can I say about that? These people, instead of being defenders of Georgian interest, continue to flirt politically with Russia, which, of course, is not in the interest of Georgia," Manjgaladze said.




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