The Vatican and Tehran are on the same path of degradation

11.11.23 14:45

First of all, let us remind you of a simple scientific truth. Human sex is determined by a set of chromosomes - the 46th paired chromosome - XX for females and XY for males. This combination of chromosomes is given to a person once at conception and cannot be changed by surgery until death. All the billions of cells in the human body contain only XX or XY chromosomes. It is impossible to change X to Y or vice versa in these billions of cells.


Therefore, from a scientific point of view, "sex change" or "transgender transition" is complete nonsense and perversion. What we end up with is a person who is physically and morally mutilated by the sex he or she was born with. The fate of such people is usually sad - it is impossible to "change back" and become a normal man or woman again. These cripples often end up going insane, committing suicide (the rate of suicides or attempted suicides among transgender people is up to 75%) or dying quickly from drugs or other diseases that attack the weakened "transgender transition" organism, especially if we take into account the usually debauched lives of "transgender people".


 Nevertheless, globalists promote and propagate "sex change" in every possible way, especially among young people. And they try to involve religious organizations in this propaganda.


This same Pope, to judge by his statements, has already moved very far away, not only from Christian morality but also from any kind of human norm. In particular, he demonstratively supports "transgender people" and other LGBT representatives. And now the Vatican has recently announced that people who have undergone transgender transition can be baptized in the Catholic Church as long as it does not cause scandal or 'confusion'.


The Vatican's doctrinal office also said that 'transgender' people can be godparents at baptisms and witnesses at weddings. The move is yet another attempt by Pope Francis to make the Catholic Church more "accessible to the LGBT community".


Most traditionally minded Catholics are shocked by such a policy from their "infallible" Pope. It should be noted, however, that the Vatican is not alone in its treatment of "persons of the same sex" as the "norm".


Paradoxically, the same views are held by the conservative pseudo ayatollahs in Homa and Tehran. Moreover, not long ago the Islamic Republic of Iran was second only to Thailand, notorious for its debauchery, in the number of "sex change operations".


It turns out that the Vatican and Tehran are pursuing practically similar policies when it comes to introducing the globalist agenda among religious people. It's just that the Vatican does it among Christians and Tehran among Muslims. But the "roots" of their policies are the same.


That is why today it seems no coincidence that the Islamic revolution in Iran was prepared by the special services of France, which is closely linked to the Vatican, and that Ayatollah Khomeini was brought to Tehran from Paris by a special flight of the French airline Air France.


And the same Khomeini issued a fatwa in 1987 authorizing "transgender transition" operations. The main idea of the fatwa was that it is impossible to change the human soul, but there is a risk that it will get into the body of the "wrong sex". Therefore, this body can supposedly be "changed" to bring it "into harmony with the soul". However, in general, it is impossible to "change" the body so that it would belong to another sex because for this purpose it is necessary to change the set of chromosomes in all the billions of cells of the human organism.  However, following the example of Iran, these ideas for the introduction of "transgenderism" are being actively "promoted" in other Muslim countries.


Meanwhile, another example eloquently illustrates how the globalist agenda to introduce "transgenderism" has recently been echoed by the supposed "defense of Muslims".  "Transgender" and "former man turned woman" Ashton Cirillo. "It" recently became famous as a "WSU spokesperson" for European audiences. But after making some scandalous remarks, Ashton-Cirillo was quickly sacked.


After the Gaza war broke out, Ashton-Cirillo suddenly became 'Muslim' and began posting photos of herself on social media wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf. She also began "speaking out for the Palestinians" and "calling for peace in the Middle East". It is clear that the hapless Palestinians will not benefit more from such "support" than from Tehran's "support". 


Most probably, the position of "transgender" Ashton-Cirillo, as well as the position of official Tehran, is determined by the global anti-system in order to approve its agenda. Such "defense of the Palestinians" actually makes the Palestinians worse off.


Ashton-Cirillo's current "Muslim" move is also no coincidence. Firstly, such support for the Palestinians is designed to discredit their cause in the eyes of many conservatives who sympathize with them. It is a dirty PR technique. Secondly, with the help of the propaganda of such "Muslim women", the globalists promote the project of a tolerant "Euro-Islam" with "transgenders", in which large resources have already been invested. And which is being actively implemented in the same supposedly "Islamic" Iran.


The demographic indicators are the most eloquent testimony to the 'traditional morality' that the Tehran regime is spreading in the country. No other country in the world has experienced such a catastrophic decline in the birth rate in such a short time as Iran. According to official statistics, in 2022 the total fertility rate (the number of children per woman) in a number of provinces (Gilan, Mazanderan, Semnan, Alborz) fell below 1.1 (a minimum of 2.1 is needed for the population to simply reproduce, and before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 it reached 7 children per woman).


In fact, while formally preaching 'conservatism' and 'traditional family values', in reality, the authorities in Tehran are implementing the same globalist agenda that leads to depopulation and subsequent extinction of the population. Incidentally, birth rates are also falling catastrophically in countries where the Vatican has a great deal of influence - Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Argentina. Obviously, in the sphere of "dehumanization" of people and the introduction of degenerate "norms", the Vatican and Tehran are going in the same direction, according to the instructions of the globalists.


Alexandre Chkheidze

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