Salome Samadashvili: It is easy to make a corrupt deal with the Chinese and you are preparing for corruption - I don't know if Anaklia port will be built or not, even Lenin and Stalin would have built communism throughout this time

22.09.23 17:00

Today, we heard here from the Minister a very anatomical description of the arrangement of corruption schemes in our country and the realignment of geopolitical interests against the USA, one of the leaders of the Lelo party, deputy Salome Samadashvili, said at the plenary session of the Parliament, where the Minister of Economy Levan Davitashvili was heard regarding the Anaklia port construction project.


According to Samadashvili, she was not surprised that there is not a single American company among the applicants in the competition. She also suspected that the Chinese-Singaporean company "will come out as winner because it is easy to enter into a corrupt deal with China."


"If the public should understand what really happened with respect to the port of Anaklia - when this project of the century was entering the phase when the construction was to begin, Bidzina Ivanishvili decided that Russia's demand that the port of Anaklia should not be built with the participation of the USA, this task had to be done. Sabotage of the project began. Today, when the government not only does not take any measures against the Russian spy Partskhaladze, but in violation of the Constitution and the law encourages him to quietly take his financial assets out of this country, the legal prosecution against Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze began and without any court decision, they seized their accounts and property. Under these conditions, under conditions of legal prosecution and harassment, it is clear that the project has run into problems, and you know that there is a relevant dispute in arbitration today. Therefore, I am not surprised that no American company has applied because no one wants to invest money in a country where the state can confiscate the resources they have invested. I am sure that the winner of this competition will somehow turn out to be the Chinese applicant. The government that in 2019 said that issuing a guarantee of 50 million, i.e. the theoretical cost of 50 million was very risky for the state, today you are telling the public that you are going to spend hundreds of millions on this project, money taken from people's pockets, obviously - it is not yours and Tariel Gharibashvili's money. I wonder if this project was too risky for a 50 million guarantee, if you are going to spend hundreds of millions today, is it no longer [risky]? - The truth is simple, corrupt deals with the Chinese are easy and you are preparing for corruption. I don't know if this project will be built or not, because we have heard so many times that Anaklia port will be built, and I think even Lenin and Stalin would have built communism throughout this time," said Samadashvili.



source: IPN 

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