Parliament elects candidates nominated by President to two vacant positions of National Bank Board

21.09.23 16:50

Parliament elected Nana Keinishvili and Teimuraz Khomeriki to two vacant positions of the National Bank Board.


Nana Keinishvili's candidacy was supported by 84 deputies, and Teimuraz Khomeriki by 82 members of the majority.


It should be noted that two parliamentary committees discussed the issue of candidate selection at today's session and presented a negative conclusion to the Parliament. The candidates themselves did not attend the committee discussion.


The President wanted to withdraw the candidates she nominated, although according to the majority of members, Salome Zurabishvili had no right to do so.


It should be noted that, instead of 9 members, there are only 7 members in the board of the National Bank. Three of them - Vice-Presidents - decided to resign. According to the law, they will leave the board membership in two months - from November 21. Another Board member's term expires in December.




source: IPN 

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