US Department of State: Those who conduct transactions relating to Partskhaladze put themselves at risk of being sanctioned

21.09.23 14:30

The US Department of State calls the September 19 decision of the National Bank of Georgia regrettable, according to which the bank allowed an exception, which no longer obliges commercial banks of Georgia to impose sanctions on Georgian citizens.


In a written comment given to the Voice of America, the Department of State states:


"We are sorry for the decision of the National Bank of Georgia. Institutions and individuals who conducted transactions relating to Partskhaladze or other individuals sanctioned by us in connection with Russia put themselves at risk of being sanctioned."


The American diplomatic agency also adds that "the banking system of Georgia is one of the best achievements in the democratic history of Georgia. An independent national bank is the cornerstone of a healthy economy of any country."


The Department of State once again explained why the former Prosecutor General of Georgia Otar Partskhaladze became the target of Russia-related sanctions.


“On September 14, the United States designated on Georgian-Russian oligarch Otar Partskhaladze, who worked with FSB [Russia's Federal Security Service] to influence Georgian society and politics in Russia's favor. Sanctions were imposed pursuant to Executive Order 14024, which authorizes sanctions against specific harmful foreign activities of the Government of the Russian Federation,” the Department of State said.




source: IPN 

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