Giorgi Vashadze: Today, at 19:00, let's gather in front of the Parliament and together form an action plan - the collapse of Georgian Dream and its system has begun

20.09.23 17:30

Strategy Builder and National Movement announced the rally in front of the Parliament.


At the briefing held in the Parliament, Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strategy­ Builder, called the public to gather on Rustaveli Avenue today and stated that an action plan should be formed.


"Today, at 19:00, let's gather on Rustaveli, in front of the Parliament, and together we will formulate an action plan, what steps we should take. Behind them is the Russian spy system created by Putin, behind us is the motherland. Not only fight, but our compatriots have not even retreated when it comes to arms, we will not back down at any step - wherever there is a point of contact, these exposed Russian spies who are in the Georgian Dream will receive an answer. The collapse of the entire system of Georgia­n Dream has begun. We will definitely score the winning goal, we are patriots here, there are Russian spies over there. Forward! No step back - let's fight to the end. Today they ran away. The only thing they know is to sneak from the back, even those who did it got a good answer, they will get more answers. No step back!" Vashadze said.




source: IPN 

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