Natia Turnava: The commercial sector has no right to disobey the regulator

20.09.23 17:00

There is no difference between the position of the banks and our position. As for the specific details, how this or that norm will be enforced, we are going through the issues, the acting President of the National Bank, Natia Turnava, said.


According to her, the commercial sector has no right to disobey the regulator.


"The commercial sector has no right to disobey the regulator. Because the commercial sector is the commercial sector of Georgia and is guided by our legislation. I started my today's briefing with the same proposal and the information that we are unequivocally implementing and continuing to implement international sanctions. Enforcement of international sanctions is a much broader process than specific nuances that can be specified by the national legislation of one or another country, which is widely practiced both in the EU and the USA. We are in full unison with the financial sector of Georgia, commercial banks of Georgia. Both they and we fulfill the financial sanctions, in general our international obligations. We are in constant communication on how to implement the new specification in such a way that it is in line with their and our international obligations," said Turnava.



source: IPN 

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