The UN Security Council did not help the separatists to legalize the lies about the "threat of genocide" to the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh

19.08.23 8:14

In the pro-Armenian media around the world, suddenly after August 16, 2023, the intensity of the struggle to "save" the Armenians of "Artsakh" from "genocide" decreased sharply. As if on cue, the protest actions of the Armenian Diaspora in the Armenian suburbs of Los Angeles, which seems to be the real capital of the world Armenian community, were curtailed. The reason for this decrease in the activity of the "fighters against genocide" is simple - Armenia failed to push through the UN Security Council a resolution that would not allow Azerbaijan, as a sovereign state, to fully dispose of its internationally recognized territory in Karabakh.

In fact, the recognition of the "threat of Armenian genocide" was the only way for the international Armenian lobby to challenge Azerbaijan's sovereignty over Karabakh in any way, using references to international law. For this purpose, they hired Luis Moreno Ocampo, an Argentinean ex-prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, tainted by corruption. He prepared a tendentious report on the alleged "blockade" of Karabakh, which, they say, "may contain signs of genocide of the Armenian population". Despite the fact that Azerbaijan is ready to accept this very Armenian population as its citizens at any moment through Aghdam, the separatists are preventing it from doing so.

What is most hypocritical is that Armenian nationalists and "Artsakh" separatists simply ignored the very international law while committing genocide against Karabakh Azerbaijanis, especially in Khojaly. Similarly, they ignored 4 UN Security Council Resolutions #822 (April 30, 1993), #853 (June 29, 1993), #874 (October 14, 1993) and #884 (November 12, 1993) demanding the de-occupation of Azerbaijan Karabakh. And they remembered the UNSC only when it became obvious that their separatist "Artsakh" project was living its last days.

At the UNSC meeting, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan tried to "appease" the members of the Security Council by claiming an alleged "humanitarian catastrophe" in the Armenian-populated areas of Azerbaijani Karabakh. "Armenia has sent a humanitarian convoy, which is still at the entrance to the Lachin Corridor because the Azerbaijani side is preventing its delivery to Karabakh," Ararat Mirzoyan said. Ararat Mirzoyan did not even mention the fact that the Lachin road has been constantly used by the Armenian side to transfer weapons and militants to Karabakh in the past, and that Azerbaijan is ready to supply the Karabakh Armenians with any humanitarian cargoes without any restrictions, but via other routes, in particular via Aghdam.

It is no coincidence that Azerbaijan's UN representative, Yashar Aliyev, called Mirzoyan's words groundless and unfounded accusations and accused Yerevan of trying to manipulate public opinion: "What Armenia is trying to present as a humanitarian issue is in fact a provocative and irresponsible political campaign aimed at undermining Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Yashar Aliyev said.

As a result, not only anti-Azerbaijani decisions were not implemented, but even the statements of Armenia condemning Azerbaijan in the UN Security Council were not achieved.

The funeral faces of Ararat Mirzoyan and his aides show the complete failure of the Armenian appeal to the UN Security Council. None of the participants of the discussion condemned Azerbaijan, did not make any demands on our country, but confined themselves to calling for the continuation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations and the unhindered functioning of the Lachin and Aghdam roads for humanitarian purposes.

None of the members of the UN Security Council uttered the words "blockade" and "genocide" promoted by the Armenian side. No one questioned the legitimacy of the Azerbaijani Lachin PPT. Not a single participant even mentioned the de facto administration on the territory where Karabakh Armenians live and called on Baku to engage in dialogue with them as the "local population". In the end, everything was limited to a public discussion of Armenia's appeal. Not only was no resolution put to a vote, but there was not even a statement by the chairman of the meeting, the US representative.

Thus, if Prime Minister Pashinyan and his Foreign Minister Mirzoyan wanted to demonstrate to their fellow citizens that they had done all they could, but that the world was "unfair" to the Armenians, as in the past, this is the only result.

However, the threat remains that Armenian nationalists will continue to try to challenge Azerbaijan's sovereignty over Nagorno-Karabakh with external help, in complete disregard of international law. Some pro-Russian Armenian revanchists are trying to convince Armenians that "the great Putin" has a "cunning plan" for Artsakh. Thus, as soon as the Russian Federation kills Ukraine, it will immediately get involved in "saving Artsakh". The separatists are foaming at the mouth, telling the Armenians in Karabakh that Russia is playing the same double game with Azerbaijan as it did with Ukraine before the full-scale invasion in February 2022:

Here, for example, is what Armenian nationalist Hayk Ayvazyan writes in his Telegram channel: "Nagorno-Karabakh was recognized as part of Azerbaijan at the request of Washington and with the consent of the Armenian authorities,

- Today Russia is trying to gain time, preserve the status quo and prevent the withdrawal of the Armenian population from Nagorno-Karabakh until more favorable geopolitical conditions are created,

- If the draft document allegedly proposed by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the basic principles and parameters for ensuring the security and rights of the Armenian population on the territory of the former NKAO, which is circulating on the Internet, is true, then the proposed principles and parameters coincide with the demands that Russia made of Ukraine regarding Donbass,

- The Ukrainian authorities refused to meet these demands, and Russia was forced to protect the population of Donbass militarily. I think that Russia is preparing the same scenario for Nagorno-Karabakh, knowing very well that Azerbaijan will not agree to accept the draft document proposed by Russia. Azerbaijan benefits from Washington's option - the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh without Armenians. Russia does not agree with it".

However, Armenian nationalists can hope as much as they want that Russia will once again trample on international law and launch a new aggression. First, it is a big question whether the Kremlin will have the strength left for new military adventures after the fiasco in Ukraine. And secondly, international law is clearly on Azerbaijan's side. And there are fewer and fewer people in the world who are willing to rudely trample on this international law for the sake of interests that are not characterized by even elementary gratitude to the benefactors of Armenian nationalists.

George Mazniashvili

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