Tbilisi City Hall establishes Tbilisi Modern Art Fund

07.06.23 16:00

Tbilisi City Hall established Tbilisi Modern Art Fund, which will launch soon, said Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze at the municipal government meeting on Wednesday.


The Fund aims to support artisans and organize exhibitions of their works in public spaces in Tbilisi or the regions. Artisans’ works will be displayed at squares and parks, and the Tbilisi City Hall may purchase some of them.


“The works will be selected through an open competition and be temporarily placed in different public spaces. In the future, we plan to create a permanent space to exhibit these works – a garden of sculptures,” Kaladze said.


The Mayor also instructed his deputy Andria Basilaia to provide more information to the public, meet with the representatives of this field, and explain the idea of ​​the mentioned project.




source: 1TV

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