Giga Bokeria: If you don't change the regime with a pro-Western regime, the candidate status will not help us

07.06.23 13:20

If they grant us the status, we should not allow Ivanishvili's regime to use this for misleading part of the society, Giga Bokeria, the leader of European Georgia told PalitraNews TV.


According to Giga Bokeria, statements should not be made that salvation is in the EU candidate status, because if the government is not replaced by a pro-Western government, then the status cannot help the country.


"It does not depend on us what decision Brussels will make, by us I mean the political opponents of the government, the public, including the opposition. We must be ready for both scenarios and if they grant us the status, we must not allow Ivanishvili's regime to use it to mislead a part of the public. We should not speak such things that salvation is in status without changing the regime. If you do not change the regime with a pro-Western regime, the status taken separately will not save us. A significant part of the opposition parties and unfortunately some representatives of society are saying that this is the main story, that is the salvation, this is wrong.


The message that status is the main thing is wrong, the main thing is to have a pro-Western government. If you don't have a pro-Western government, status can't help you. If you have a pro-Western government, you have a very high chance of getting this status within a year. The status in itself is not a task, the task is to get closer to the European Union and NATO.


If we are not given the status, which is more likely due to Ivanishvili's regime, then due to this wrong campaign, due to the combination of Ivanishvili's malicious propaganda and wrong messages from the opposition, and also what Zurabishvili said - if we are not given, people will feel like they have turned their backs to them - we are in danger that with this he will stir up hopelessness and say that Europe has turned its back on us," said Giga Bokeria.




source: IPN 

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