Irakli Gharibashvili on blowing up of the Kakhovka dam: This is one of the consequences of this brutal and destructive war that Russia is waging in Ukraine

06.06.23 18:00

This is one of the consequences of this brutal and destructive war that Russia is waging in Ukraine, it is not new. Kakhovka surprised you, but 20% of the territory of Ukraine has been destroyed to date, cities, villages have been razed to the ground, this is how the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili responded to the blowing up of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station by the Russian army.


According to the Head of the Government of Georgia, there is no alternative to peace, therefore, instead of escalating the situation, the parties should sit down and discuss the end of the war.


"This is what we are talking about when we point to the importance of peace on a daily basis. There is no alternative to peace. We do not see any real efforts to end this war or calls for negotiations, on the contrary, we see more escalation, more aggression. Until today, we remind you, that as a result of the devastating war in Ukraine, 20% is occupied, this is the reality today, and it is said that a trillion dollars is the damage that has been done to Ukraine, and the human life is the worst - more than 500 children have died and 10 thousand people have died. It is a tragedy, a disaster that must be stopped. What do you imagine could be the logical end of this war? I believe that everything must happen, everyone must make an effort to sit down and start a peaceful negotiation process. There is no alternative. The killing of people must be stopped, this is our position," said the Prime Minister.


According to him, today the rhetoric of nuclear war has not only returned, but also direct threats are heard in this regard, and under these conditions, the task of the Georgian government is to maintain peace in the country.


"I would like to remind you again that the rhetoric of nuclear war has not returned, but we see daily that real threats are emerging, and at this time it requires a serious response. The planet and our entire continent may face a very big catastrophe. In this situation, when our destructive nonentities call us to do some provocative actions, these are just so irresponsible statements, actions, that can completely destroy our country. Our task, when 20% of the country is occupied and the Russian army is facing us, is to save the country, keep peace, strengthen and grow the economy. There were many provocative actions, for example, when the war had just started in Ukraine, the opposition demanded that we receive planes from Ukraine, which would take the fighters from there, and the government had to give permission for this - that is, a state would be already involved in this conflict, directly or indirectly, especially then, when no state was doing this and is not doing it even today," said the Prime Minister.




source: IPN 

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