The glorification of murderers and terrorists by Armenian nationalists should be stopped

10.05.23 12:00

Gradually, the times when Armenian nationalists could glorify their killers, terrorists and criminals with impunity and it was turned a blind eye or everything was put down to the "long-suffering" propaganda of Armenian nationalists. For, as you know, every geopolitical failure of the Armenian nationalism is followed by a wave of terror, which mainly affects totally innocent people who have nothing to do with "exceptional sufferings" of Armenians.


For instance, what did the Turkish diplomats killed by Armenian terrorists in numerous attacks on Turkish diplomatic missions have to do with the mythical "genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire"? Or the passengers in the Moscow Metro blown up by Armenian terrorists in January 1977?


Now, after Armenia has lost the 44-day war for Karabakh, and it is already clear that military action will not achieve its objectives, the Armenian nationalists are clearly preparing a new wave of terrorist attacks around the world. At the very least, future terrorist fighters (who are surely being trained already) will have a "role model" - there is a purposeful glorification of the terrorists of the past. This is how the installation of a monument in the centre of Yerevan to the terrorists and assassins who murdered Turkish and Azerbaijani statesmen as part of the "Nemesis" terrorist campaign (revenge for the mythical "genocide") should be regarded.  


The former authorities of Armenia, represented by the so-called "Karabakh clan", glorified the Nazi criminal Garegin Nzhdeh. Thus, by glorifying this executioner, the Khojalu executioners in effect picked up the baton of ethnic cleansing and genocide, which they had carried out in Zangezur and Karabakh against Azerbaijanis. And the current government in Yerevan is beginning to "intensively glorify" the terrorists "Nemesis". What is this but "blessing" and passing the baton to new terrorist attacks and murders by Armenian terrorists?


Predictably, Turkey reacted swiftly to the act of glorification of terrorism in Yerevan, with measures painful for Armenia. In response to the provocative unveiling of a monument in Yerevan to the terrorists involved in Operation Nemesis, Turkey closed its airspace to Armenian aircraft, in particular to FlyOne Armenia to third countries.


At the same time, the Turkish Foreign Ministry made it clear that it is preparing further tough steps if the monuments to terrorists are not dismantled and the glorification of terrorism in the Republic of Armenia is not stopped. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu issued a statement on the matter: "We have made some steps in the process of regulating relations with Armenia. However, they once again showed their insincerity and put up a monument to "Nemesis". During this period we did not set conditions on the issue of the so-called "genocide" and they did not either, it is clear that we cannot come to an agreement on this issue and decided to bracket it, but putting up a monument to the terrorists who killed our diplomats, Ottoman officers, our pashas and Azerbaijani brothers is unacceptable for us. We, as the Foreign Ministry, are the most affected body after the security agencies. They say the municipality erected the monument and they cannot interfere in this issue, but this is an excuse. So we told them if you do not remove this monument, forget about the settlement, we will take additional steps. We sent them relevant messages both through the special representative and other channels," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in a live broadcast on Lider Haber TV.


Terrorist glorification by Armenian nationalists is directed not only against Turkey but also against Armenia's other neighbours, including Georgia. There is no doubt that the thugs of the Baghramyan battalion, who killed the peaceful Georgian population of Abkhazia, were also inspired by the example of the terrorists of "Nemesis".


With blatant disregard for the issues of state security in Georgia, the authorities of our country still allow provocative inter-ethnic discord parades of Armenian nationalists in the centre of Tbilisi with separatist symbols of the so-called "Artsakh" and portraits of murderous terrorists. In particular, Sogomon Teyleryan, the "protagonist of Nemesis," who assassinated the Turkish statesman Talaat Pasha in Berlin in 1921, was "glorified" at the monument to terrorists recently unveiled in Yerevan.


Moreover, monuments to terrorist killers and separatist fighters are still being erected on Georgian soil, in the region of Samskhe-Javakheti, which the Armenian nationalists want to tear away from Georgia according to the Karabakh scenario. These are the monument erected back in 1998 to Dashnak terrorist Andranik Ozanyan and the monument erected in 2019 to separatist militant Mikhail Avagyan, whose hands are in the blood of peaceful Georgians of Abkhazia and Karabakh Azerbaijanis. These monuments glorifying the terrorists and murderers on the soil of Georgia - the country which suffered from separatism and ethnic cleansing - must be dismantled immediately. The glorification of separatists and terrorists by the extremist organization Armenian Community of Georgia is unacceptable. Such glorification of killers and terrorists can lead to new tragedies, like the one that the Georgian population of Abkhazia experienced in 1992-1993.



Grigol Giorgadze

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