Provocateur simulators from the extremist "Armenian Community of Georgia" foment interethnic discord in Georgia

26.04.23 12:00

On 21 April 2023, on the eve of the "genocidal" day of 24 April, when every year Armenian nationalists organise their marches in central Tbilisi, the leader of the extremist organisation Armenian Community of Georgia, Artur Mirzoyan, claimed he had been "attacked" by masked men.


After reporting this "attack" to the police, he gave an interview surrounded by his accomplices. Arthur Mirzoyan himself in Tbilisi, the capital of the country affected by separatism, is demonstratively and mockingly wearing a T-shirt with a flag of the separatist "Artsakh" in memory of the victims of the war in Abkhazia and Samachablo and mocking Georgian refugees. The one that recognizes "independence" of the separatist regimes in Sukhumi and Tskhinvali. That is, he is in solidarity and is himself a convinced separatist!



After the story of how he was attacked by "three unidentified men in masks", Artur Mirzoyan immediately claims that this "attack" (and whether or not it even happened is still unknown to the police) was linked to the preparation of Armenian events on the "anniversary of the genocide". Mirzoyan cleverly put the number of "Armenian genocide victims" up to 2 million in his speech! How they manage this is an amazing fact. And then the extremist Arthur Mirzoyan openly calls for hostile action with his statement:


"On April 24th at 1 o'clock, in terms of what happened to me, I appeal to all Armenians, to all Georgians who stand on the side of justice, who are not afraid of Turks and Azeris, to all who love Georgia, I appeal to Christians - let's stand together and show the Turks, let's show the grey wolves that Christians will not give up, that they will not win and pan-Turkism in our region will not win". – Artur Mirzoyan declares.


Instead, Mirzoyan makes such a statement with no evidence, accusing all Azerbaijanis and Turks, all without exception!


The Armenian extremist NGO "Anisi", which posted this video of Mirzoyan's statement on its Facebook page, also unequivocally incites inter-ethnic discord with its comments and simultaneously calls for participation in a march dedicated to the anniversary of the mythical "genocide" to the Turkish embassy.


"Today, April 21, the president of the Armenian Community of Georgia, Artur Mirzoyan, was attacked in front of his home by three unknown assailants, during which they were physically and verbally abused.


Our solidarity with Artur Mirzoyan!!!


If we remain silent, we will be next.


Be sure to share the video!


A reminder to you, friends, we are waiting for you all at the events on 22-23 April, and most importantly, on Monday 24 April, at 1.30pm, we will all meet at the Philharmonic Hall, where the march to the Turkish Embassy will be organised!!!". – called on the NGO Anisi


However, it got even more interesting. The day of the "genocidal marches" was upon us. When Artur Mirzoyan was interviewed after the "attack" on 21 April, he looked quite fit and healthy, walking on his feet and without a limp, with no wounds, "black eye" from the beating or scratches on his face, or bandages on his body from his wounds. However, somehow the "consequences of the attack" miraculously took effect three days later, turning a perfectly healthy extremist Armenian simulant into a "helpless invalid" unable even to walk on his own feet.


At the "genocidal" procession, the simulated extremist Arthur Mirzoyan was wheeled out in a wheelchair with a bandaged leg. To show that the "genocide of Armenians" continues and Artur Mirzoyan became a new "genocide victim" in 2023. It is pathetic to see a simulated "victim" as a reminder of the "genocide"! "photo of Mirzoyan in a wheelchair"





It is not funny at all that this is how Armenian provocateurs justify their cruelty towards other people, claiming to be "victims". The Armenian terrorist Monte Melkonian, who was brutally cruel to the Azerbaijanis of Karabakh, could not avoid acting as a "victim" and "martyr" and walked around during the first Karabakh war with a bandaged hand.


So closely does this image of the terrorist Melkonian (as a "victim" who becomes the executioner and justifies cruelty with his imagined "suffering") resonate with Armenian nationalist consciousness that even Nikol Pashinian, who during the 2018 "revolution" in Armenia on the eve of the takeover, also "mimicked Monte Melkonian" by rewinding his hand, has played upon it.


And now, the spectacle of him claiming to have attacked Arthur Mirzoyan, blaming it on Turks and Azerbaijanis and "genocidal" parading in a wheelchair as a "new victim of genocide" could be the start of new large-scale provocations.  And if we follow the logic of Armenian nationalists who are clearly sowing interethnic discord, they have an aim to "explode" Georgia from inside in order to justify then a new external aggression against Georgia "by saving Armenians from genocide".


Such unanimity of the "Georgian-Armenian community" in lying and hypocrisy opens new opportunities for the provocateurs. They can organize massacres and even murders to blame specific nationalities. They can involve Georgians in provocations as well, attacking them and blaming others. They have no "fantasy" to spare! It is no accident that the same Mirzoyan called for "Christian solidarity" of Georgians with the Armenians, though he forgot to clarify how it fits with the fact that the Armenian fighters in Abkhazia have killed hundreds of Christian Georgians and that the Armenian Church officially claims 465 Georgian churches in Georgia, including over 30 churches in Tbilisi alone.



Alexandre Zakhariadze

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