Soso Gogashvili sentenced to 5 years in prison

04.04.23 18:00

The court found the former deputy head of the State Security Service Soso Gogashvili guilty of all five charges.


The mentioned decision was announced by Valerian Bugianishili, judge of the Tbilisi City Court.


The judge sentenced the former high-ranking official to 5 years in prison.


For information, Soso Gogashvili was charged with the first part of Article 320 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (deliberate disclosure of state secrets), the first part of Article 157 Prima (illegally obtaining and keeping secrets of private life); the first part of Article 333 (exceeding official authority by an official, which caused a substantial violation of the legal interest of the state), part 4 of Article 157 (using official position, illegal acquisition, storage, distribution of personal data through mass broadcasting, which caused significant damage) and part 3 of Article 236 (illegal purchase and storage of firearms and ammunition).



source: IPN 

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