Baghdasarov calls for earthquake to be used for aggression against Turkey and capture of Istanbul....

19.03.23 20:40

Armenian nationalists continue to try to unleash another "big war" and finally ruin their benefactor Russia. In Russia, Semyon Baghdasarov, a State Duma deputy of Armenian origin, made another high-profile statement about territorial claims to Turkey. According to him, while Turkey has not yet recovered from the consequences of the strong earthquake, it is necessary to occupy some of its territories. Semyon Baghdasarov said this on the air of the propaganda programme "Solovyov Live".



According to Baghdasarov's highly emotional scenario, Russia should take advantage of Turkey's predicament by first "splitting Turkey's influence" in Central Asia and Ukraine and then "kicking" Turkey out of the South Caucasus. The MP proposes to make such a change through a coup in Turkey. Finally, Semyon Baghdasarov calls for a return to the Russian imperial idea-fix of more than a century ago - to take over Istanbul (Constantinople).


"And let us return to our state what historically belongs to us - Constantinople," exclaims Semyon Bagdasarov.


However, Istanbul in its long history has not belonged to Russia at all for a single day! How can it belong to Russia "historically"? True, Baghdasarov says it belonged to "us" without specifying to whom "us"? Perhaps, by "us", Semyon Baghdasarov means Armenians and by "our state" some "super-great Armenia"? After all, it is no accident that Armenian nationalists are everywhere replicating their historical myths about several Byzantine emperors who were allegedly "Armenians".


Semyon Baghdasarov calls for 'putting' a cross over the temple of Hagia Sophia and singing prayers there in Aramaic and Russian.  It is interesting that the prayers in Greek at St. Sophia's (as has recently been discussed by the Tatar community) are not in question. Baghdasarov does not mention prayers in Greek (which was recently mentioned by Armenian nationalists "sharing Turkey with Greeks"). And this is not surprising. Russia has also managed to quarrel with Greek nationalists, and specifically on the church issue. The Constantinople Patriarchate wants to take Ukraine away from the Moscow Patriarchate.  The Greek Orthodox Church has backed Constantinople in this.


Baghdasarov did not talk about prayers in Armenian in Ayia-Sophia yet as he considered that such claims should not be voiced "before the time". Although, given the claims of Armenian nationalists to several hundred Georgian churches, the claims to St. Sophia (whose dome, if we listen to Armenian nationalists, was certainly built by "Armenian architect Trdat") look like quite a natural evolution of the Armenian pseudo-nationalist fabrications and claims to belong to others.


 However, how Baghdasarov's "plans" will be implemented Russia is not quite clear at the moment. After all, thanks to "Armenian strategists", with their support for separatism and redrawing of borders, the Russian Federation is on the brink of a geopolitical catastrophe by carrying out aggression against Ukraine.


Now the Russian army and mercenaries of the Russian PMC Wagner are bleeding to death and cannot capture even Ukrainian Bakhmut, and under such conditions, to dream of Constantinople (Istanbul) is simply madness.



George Mazniashvili

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