Analysing the bloody histories of France's so-called "civilisation mission" around the world, we can conclude that it is fortunate that France has not "made it" to the South Caucasus

18.03.23 10:45

Armenian nationalists, demanding recognition of the mythical "genocide of Armenians" in the Ottoman Empire from all countries of the world, like to refer to supposedly "humane" France, which recognised the "genocide". However, when they start talking about the policy of France itself with respect to those who were dissatisfied with colonial occupational orders established by it, they are silent about the actions of the French authorities. This should have been known in order not to have any illusions about the real motives of those who today are shouting about some sort of "genocide of Armenians".


Let us start with the fact that the history of the French as a nation began with genocide, namely the genocide in Vendée, a region in the north-west of France. The fact is that before the French Revolution of 1792 the concept of a "French nation" did not exist. Although the country was united under the French kings, the kings were totally indifferent to "national issues" and to the ethnic identity of their subjects and the languages they spoke.


As a result, at the end of the 18th century, less than half the population of royal France spoke French proper. A large proportion of French subjects did not feel themselves to be French, and entire provinces of the kingdom spoke Flemish, German, Breton, Basque, Corsican, Provençal and other languages. Not to mention regional cultural identities.


The French Revolution, called " The Great Revolution " by French nationalists for some reason, was accompanied not only by the overthrow and execution of the king and the total extermination of the aristocracy and the clergy, but also by the establishment of a terrorist regime in the country, where all those dissatisfied with the new government and "revolutionary order" were to be exterminated.  At the same time the national identity of the Bretons, Corsicans, Alsatians, Flemings, Basques, Gasconians, etc. was brutally eradicated by the imposition of a "unified" French language and a "French national identity".


As a result, by "iron and blood" and then the prohibition of regional languages, a large part of the population was assimilated and "transformed into the French", although they were not originally French.


Particularly bloody was the repression by revolutionary France of the uprising in the north-western province of Vendée, inhabited by descendants of the ancient Celtic population (Bretons and others, with their own language, culture etc). The Vendée population, originally very religious, did not accept the revolution in Paris. And this revolution was really atheistic (godless). At its "peak", all the churches were closed without exception and worship was simply forbidden. It was only later, when Napoleon Bonaparte came to power, that he "allowed" the church and worship in exchange for his coronation by the pope as "emperor". Thus the so-called "great French revolution" was nothing more than a bloody godless bacchanalia with the extermination of the best of society.


In the Vendée, in response to the excesses of the revolutionary authorities and the commissars sent from Paris and the forced recruitment of the 'revolutionary' army, an uprising began which evolved into a guerrilla war. Punitive troops were dispatched to crush the uprising in Vendée, burning villages and small towns to the ground and massacring the population. According to various estimates, between ¾ and 4/5 of the population of Vendée was exterminated. In the end this originally one of the most densely populated areas of France was deserted for decades. Vendée has not recovered from the genocide until today. The population is far smaller now than it was before the French Revolution.


Brittany, the neighbouring region of Vendée, was also ravaged by the French Revolution, and the unique Breton people, with their language, literature and culture, have all but disappeared. Today only a small minority, mainly the older generation, can speak their language. As a result, the French authorities no longer have to resort to "prohibitive" measures against the Breton people, as they did against the Corsicans, in order to ethnocide them.  The Corsicans have recently been officially forbidden by a French court to communicate in their own language. The Breton, on the other hand, as a people, have long ago and completely been "broken" by the French authorities, and their remnants have been assimilated.


Even in the Vendée genocide, one tendency became apparent - French nationalists simply hated religious people who put God above all else. Later, during the building of the French colonial empire, this turned into the most brutal genocide of Muslim peoples by the French colonisers. Moreover, the more devout and pious the Muslims were, the more brutal the terror of the French punishers was against them.


The Albanian user Ahmet Dermala published some very interesting information on the crimes of the French colonialists against the Muslim peoples on Facebook:


- During the invasion of Chad in 1917, France arrested 400 Muslim scholars and decapitated their mosques;


 - When France entered the Algerian town of Lagoua in 1852, it exterminated two-thirds of its population, burning the town down in a single night.


• France conducted 17 nuclear tests in Algeria between 1960 and 1966, killing between 27,000 and 100,000 people. Their consequences persist to this day.


- When France withdrew from Algeria in 1962, it left as many mines as the entire population of Algeria at the time - over 11 million mines!


- France occupied Algeria for 132 years, the French exterminated a million Muslims in the first 7 years after their arrival and a million and a half in the last 7 years before their expulsion.


- French historian Jacques Bitter calculated that the total number of Muslims killed by France in Algeria from their arrival in 1830 until their departure in 1962 was 10 million Muslims.


- France occupied Tunisia for 75 years, Algeria for 132 years, Morocco for 44 years and Mauritania for 60 years.


- When France entered Egypt during its famous campaign (Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign - ed.), French soldiers rode into mosques on their horses, raped women in front of their families, drank alcohol in mosques and turned a number of mosques into stables for their horses.


- Finally, they say that Islam is a "religion of terrorism" and our Prophet is a "prophet of terrorism". It is strange to see how some praise the civilisation of France and even defend it and forget all its black history. This is France.


- Remind them of their history." End of post.


If we analyse the bloody history of France's so-called "civilisation mission" around the world, we can conclude that it is fortunate that France has not "reached", for example, the South Caucasus. But the Armenian Dashnaks, "loyal pupils" of the French cutthroats, have already distinguished themselves by unheard-of atrocities. And today they do not cease to hope to attract their French "masters" to establish bloody "order" in the region.



George Kvinitadze

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