There was tension at the session of the Tbilisi City Council

17.03.23 17:30

There was tension at the session of the Tbilisi City Council. The verbal confrontation between the representatives of the opposition and the ruling team began after Nino Tsuladze, a member of the Ana Dolidze-For the People party in the Tbilisi City Council, handed over a red card to the members of the Georgian Dream and said that the government overstepped its authority when it used water cannons and tear gas against the protesters.


"When you tell us that we are continuing the narrative of the National Movement, it is wrong. You want to artificially feed the public with these statements. It was a peaceful drive of youth. You dispersed the citizens of our country with tear gas and water cannons for no reason," said Nino Tsuladze, which caused tension at the Council session.




source: IPN 

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