UK ramps up financial support to Moldova, Georgia

17.03.23 11:20

The UK is ramping up its financial support to Moldova and Georgia, “as they continue to suffer from the destabilising impact of Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.”


On a visit to the 2 countries (16 to 17 March), Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will announce an extra £10 million to support economic and governance reforms in Moldova, and new funding to strengthen the security of next year’s elections in Georgia, reads the official statement.


It went on to say that Cleverly would reiterate that the UK stands with the people of Moldova and Georgia in defending their democratic choice to pursue a path of freedom, independence, and sovereignty.


Ahead of the visit, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said: “Few societies understand the underhand tactics of Russian malign activity more than Moldova and Georgia. The UK will not stand idly by while Moscow blatantly undermines their democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. We must reinforce their resilience to Russia’s hybrid threats, safeguard the democratic choices of their people and protect them from the threat on their doorstep. Both countries are vulnerable as they suffer from the effects of the Kremlin’s hybrid tactics, aggression, and attempts to extend Russian control over the region. The Foreign Secretary will demonstrate the UK’s unwavering commitment to protecting their territorial integrity and sovereignty,”


According to the statement, in Georgia, Cleverly will see how UK cooperation is helping to counter subversive Russian meddling, including collaboration on defence and cyber security.


To help strengthen democracy in Georgia, the UK will also be providing £500,000 aimed at creating an environment for free and fair elections in 2024, protecting them from external interference.


The new provisions to be announced during the Foreign Secretary’s visit build on the UK government’s existing support to both countries.




source: 1TV

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