Georgia among best 40 countries in Government Integrity Index

16.03.23 17:30

Georgia is among the best 40 countries in the world per the Heritage Foundation’s Government Integrity Index, the world’s leading research organization, the Georgian Government reported.


The Government Integrity Index places Georgia ahead of 15 European Union and North Atlantic Alliance members.


Georgia is the Caucasus and Black Sea region’s leader and is only behind the Baltic countries among post-Soviet countries.


“Government Integrity was evaluated using the following criteria: perceptions of corruption; risk of bribery; Control of corruption, including the capture of the state by elites and private interests,” the statement reads.


In 2022, Georgia received 62.9% on the Government Integrity index, boosting its standing by 31 places in ten years.


In 2012 Georgia had 38% and ranked 69th globally,” the statement reads.




source: 1TV

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