Ombudsman is ready to meet the students participating in the rallies who think that their right to free expression has been violated or feel threatened by the state due to a different political opinion

15.03.23 15:30

Public Defender Levan Ioseliani is ready to meet the students participating in the March 7-9 rallies. The Public Defender's office has issued a statement about this.


"Public Defender Levan Ioseliani echoes the public appeal of students participating in the protests and declares that he is ready to meet with all those who think that their freedom of expression was violated during the March 7-9 demonstrations, fell under the disproportionate force of the state machine, or feel any threat from the authorities due to their political opinion. On March 14, 2023, students appealed to the Public Defender of Georgia while talking on TV Pirveli and asked for protection from the expected persecution and repression by high-ranking officials of the ruling team and power structures," reads the statement.



source: IPN 

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