Margarita Simonyan suggests hitting Tbilisi... And then where will the "long-suffering" escape from another "genocide"?  

11.03.23 10:00

Armenian nationalists go beyond all limits in their hatred of Georgia. On the night of March 10, the Kremlin's chief propagandist, Margarita Simonyan, published a direct call for missile strikes on Tbilisi on her Telegram Channel:


"Protesters in Tbilisi are shouting: 'Sukhumi! Sukhumi!".


Actually, it was clear from the beginning that all this fuss was only needed to open a second front for us.


Because after the death of my unforgettable friend Stephen Cohen (who by the way told me 15 years ago that he could hardly live but I would have seen Ukraine falling in two parts) they have no Kremlinologists left and no one to tell them that in case of repetition of August 2008 no one will make a fuss with Georgia and will not send troops there but will just hit Tbilisi immediately, without looking too hard - if only because


A) there is no time for sentiments


B) Tbilisi does not have the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra


C) No one in Russia has ever considered themselves as one people with Georgians and the Russian Federation has never been a "Tbilisi Rus".


So they should have done it in vain. They should have felt pity for the beautiful city and its temperamental inhabitants. Since they do not feel pity for themselves.


Margarita Simonyan suggests Georgians "take pity" on their capital...


And she would not want to take pity on her compatriots who, as we know from their history, are regularly subjected to "genocides" and run away somewhere. And a large part of "unfortunate Armenian refugees" (and unhappy Dashnak fighters) at that time moved to Tbilisi.


Moreover, today Tbilisi remains the only land "window to the outside world" for Armenians. By the way, "Artsakh" Armenians also go through Tbilisi to look for "apartments" in occupied Abkhazia. Within the next year and a half they will need to decide whether to become citizens of Azerbaijan (which many of them do not want) or to seek a new place of residence.


In case of war, which the Armenian revanchists are trying to stir up with all their might, as the current experience of belligerent Ukraine shows, air communication is instantly cut off. So, the "ancient people" have only one way left - through Tbilisi. How through Tbilisi they will "flee from genocide" if, at the suggestion of people like Margarita Simonyan, the capital of Georgia is "shot". And arrange "genocide en route" so to speak?


Meanwhile, provocative and aggressive publication of Margarita Simonyan is linked to the plans of Armenian revanchists to ignite a war in the South Caucasus in order to "force a corridor" for the Russian army through Georgia to Armenia to "save Artsakh". This was also evidenced by the publication of the pro-Kremlin and clearly pro-Armenian Nabat TV channel during the days of the protests in Tbilisi:


"No. Not opening a second front, but trying to open one. These are slightly different things.


Tbilisi's situation today is objectively worse than it was in 2008. This does not mean that they do not dare to go to Abkhazia, and Sukhumi should be prepared for this, but the consequences for Georgia can be very unpredictable. Russia needs a corridor not only by land to Crimea and Transnistria, but also to Armenia, and Tbilisi may well help Moscow with this issue.


And yes, the atrocities of the Georgian Legion in Ukraine are well remembered in Russia. There will be no mercy."


The key here is that a land corridor to Armenia is needed. Well, not "Russia" of course, but Armenian nationalists who want revenge in the Karabakh war with Russian bayonets.


So there will be "no mercy" for Georgians from Armenian nationalists. There is no doubt about it, if we recall the atrocities of the Baghramyan battalion in Abkhazia.


 In response, the Georgians may not take any action at all. Neither to threaten, let alone to take revenge... It is enough just to close the land border with Armenia.


Exclusively as part of concern for the safety of representatives of "the ancient long-suffering people. After all, Tbilisi may be hit?  Why would Armenians expose themselves to danger? After all, they say that "there will be no mercy", including those incidentally happened to be in Tbilisi, as bombs and missiles do not choose who is who.



Grigol Giorgadze

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