Even Charles Aznavour has been "harassed" by Armenian nationalists

08.03.23 23:00

The writer, publicist and philosopher Mikhail Tevosyan is among such prudent Armenians, who understand the full perniciousness of nationalist myths for the Armenian people. For the truth which Mikhail Tevosyan openly expresses about Armenian nationalists, he is enlisted by them as "traitors of the Armenian people".


At the same time, according to Mikhail Tevosyan, he is not the only Armenian cultural figure who has understood the perniciousness of Armenian nationalism. According to him, the famous French singer and composer of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour realised this and talked about it. Mikhail Tevosyan talks about this and how the ideology of 'eternal victimisation' and hatred of neighbours is pernicious for the Armenian people in his video:



Mikhail Tevosyan says that at the end of his life Charles Aznavour rejected Armenia altogether - and this is landmark and very important information. "I am fed up with them saying, they are idiots, they are morons because they do not understand the voice of reason" - this, according to Tevosyan, is how Aznavour spoke about the nationalists among his fellow countrymen.


Meanwhile, Charles Aznavour himself was for a long time a prisoner of the myths of the Armenian nationalists. Thus, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the so-called "Armenian genocide" and explicitly at the request of the Armenian community, Charles Aznavour, in co-authorship with another Frenchman of Armenian origin Georges Garvarents wrote a song "They've fallen" (1975). And he went on to give interviews where he demanded that Turkey recognise the mythical "Armenian genocide".


 However, Charles Aznavour confessed: "I was not brought up to hate. I do not hold a grudge against the Turkish people, they (Armenians) were brought up in ignorance...'.


It was the absence of nationalist hatred, apparently towards the end of his life, that helped Charles Aznavour to realise that he himself was 'in the dark', or rather deceived by Armenian nationalist myths. Perhaps towards the end of his life he began to learn the historical truth from independent sources. As a result, the undoubtedly talented man simply began to be driven mad by the false demagogy of Armenian nationalists, their constant "fixation" on "genocide", the "exceptional suffering of the ancient great nation", as well as the related hatred for the Turkish people, which did not do Armenians or Armenia any good.


Perhaps, as a clever man, Charles Aznavour eventually realised the deadlock into which Armenia had driven itself by its enmity with its neighbours and the propaganda of hatred. But there was nothing he could do about it. The Armenian lobby had used his past pronouncements to make him a "banner in the fight for recognition of the "genocide". His more sensible statements on Armenian issues are simply not known to the public at large; they must have been, but they have been hushed up and are not now being publicised. In fact, Mikhail Tevosyan was the first to speak publicly about Charles Aznavour's real epiphany before his death.


Meanwhile, for intelligent Armenians who are not infected with nationalism it is clear that for Armenians themselves, including Armenians in Karabakh, there is nothing better than peace and friendship with the Azerbaijani people, but naturally without separatism and redrawing borders. The same Mikhail Tevosyan says: 'I believe, for example, that Nagorno-Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan has achieved far more economic and cultural successes, including in terms of the development of social relations, than what is happening there now. They are being played, they do not understand that they are really being manipulated...".


Mikhail Tevosyan gives a very harsh assessment to the Armenian elite:


"If we say who governs Armenia in reality, I will tell you - the oligophrenic, underdeveloped people. So, when I say - I give up on these people. Why? Because I understand it very well that they just hit the wall, their foreheads are bleeding, their brains stopped working, but they keep praying to this incomprehensible god of war and they want revenge for some reason.  And at the same time they cultivate some kind of world sadness about that historical past, the root of which they do not even know. They do not know what happened in the Ottoman Empire, what happened to the Armenian people 100 years before that either. They are completely in some other world, a world of hypocrisy, meanness of distorted historical processes and so on.


It is impossible to cure this nation, so it is impossible to cure these men, most of whom are infected with hatred and aggression. If a nation is afflicted with hatred and aggression it cannot be cured..."


At the same time, Mikhail Tevosyan's common sense is still not perceived by the majority of his compatriots, about which he says with pain:


"...The Azerbaijani or Turkish people are nations which can be very close allies. They do not want to, how can I stop them? What should I do? To tell the truth is, you know, it is useless, the nation is totally infected with a disease called social oligophrenia. They are underdeveloped, but they are developed in hatred, they are developed in aggression, you know what happens? They are destroying themselves...".



Varden Tsulukidze

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