The Abkhaz people are encouraged to 'return to the countryside'. So as to free up towns for Armenians from Karabakh?

06.03.23 18:10

The proposal by the puppet separatist so-called "president of Abkhazia" Aslan Bzhania to the Abkhazians "to return to the village" caused a flurry of negative emotions in Abkhazian society. It sounded like this:


 "We need to return to the village, the psychology of thinking there is thorough: family values, joy and priorities are different. We need to shift emphasis to the village.


At first glance, Aslan Bzhania said all this correctly, and for Abkhazia it is very relevant. For most of Abkhazian villages today are empty. At best, they are left with lonely old men, fewer of whom remain there with each passing year. Abkhazians who moved to cities have abandoned their fathers' and grandfathers' houses. One of them is Aslan Bzhania's father's house in the village of Tamysh of the Ochamchire district, while his family lives in Moscow, "closer to the leadership" of the separatists.


However, based on what "laws" are being lobbied by the separatist authorities, outrage of Abkhazians at the initiative of the puppet "president" on "return to the villages" is quite natural. After all, Abkhazians are well aware that simultaneously with an appeal to move to the villages Aslan Bzhania "is pushing through the "law of apartments" designed for resettlers.


Thus, a user under the nickname "Dmitriy Maksimovich" writes:


"In general, the plan is as follows: we give all the best land for apartments, and we return to the village, where it is desirable to stay."


And in the comments on the social networking site Telegram to this post there are some where Abkhazians directly say for whom they are urged to vacate the best lands "for apartments:


"...Go to Psou, see how many Armenians there are in the pedestrian area. And these are not our Armenians, not locals. They are all migrants. Most likely from Karabakh...".


Abkhazians have an idea of what the separatist government is preparing them to. To "liberate" the best parts of their land, mainly resorts on the coast, for those who are attracted to them, and who have already come and are looking closer to their "new historic homeland. All the more so because there is not much time left for many of them. By November 2025, the term of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh will expire.


The Armenian "Artsakh" separatists need to make up their minds by then. Either accept Azerbaijani citizenship (many of them do not want to do this because they are afraid of responsibility for their past Nazi crimes) or look for another place of residence. And it was just by this time that local puppets of the separatist Abkhazia received an order from the Kremlin and the Armenian lobby to prepare "apartments" in the best locations for settlers. Preferably without the native population.


If we take into account fate of those places where towns were settled by Armenian settlers, the displacement of indigenous population in Abkhazia will not stop at "return to villages". Sooner or later they will be expelled from villages as well. After all, Armenian settlers in the original Azerbaijani lands of western Azerbaijan, the same Iravan khanate, indeed, at first settled mostly in cities, forcing Azerbaijanis into villages. But then the Azerbaijanis were expelled from the villages as well. Today there is not a single Azerbaijani village left in the Republic of Armenia (historical Western Azerbaijan).



Grigol Giorgadze

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