Iran agrees to be Armenia's "military rear" and treat wounded Armenian soldiers

02.03.23 10:00

While Armenia's formal CSTO ally Russia, bogged down in the war in Ukraine, is forced to withdraw its presence in the South Caucasus and its military assistance to Yerevan, its place is rapidly being taken by a new hope of the Armenian nationalists - the Islamic Republic of Iran. So far, both Yerevan and Tehran are trying not to speak officially about a direct military alliance, but steps are already being taken to create a full-fledged military alliance where Iran would take on the protection of Armenia, just as Russia did earlier.


Thus, at the end of February 2023, a delegation headed by Iranian Minister of Welfare Seyyed Saulat Mortazavi arrived in Armenia. The delegates were received by Narek Mkrtchyan, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. According to Mortazavi, Tehran attaches great importance to the coordination of social protection efforts between the two countries.


They agreed to consider establishing independent living centres for people with disabilities, to exchange experiences in the areas of pensions, work and employment, social welfare, etc. The Iranian Minister of Health expressed willingness to provide professional support and share "advanced medical experience. This includes military medicine. 


But the most important thing is that Seyyed Soulat Mortazavi offered the Armenian military servicemen and disabled people wounded during the 44-day war in 2020 to take a rehabilitation course in Iran. The fact that these Armenian invalids became such as aggressors and occupiers of a foreign territory, from which Armenia expelled over 1 million Muslims, does not seem to confuse the minister of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Meanwhile, Iran neither offered nor transferred treatment and rehabilitation to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani soldiers and disabled people wounded during the liberation war in Karabakh. It did not offer treatment and rehabilitation to the victims of Armenian aggression and ethnic cleansing, including the survivors of the Khojaly genocide.


Tehran is very keen to pay lip service to "Islamic solidarity". Moreover, Iran formally "respects the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan" and at the end of the 44-day war hypocritically "congratulated" Azerbaijan on the restoration of its territorial integrity. But it intends to treat those who encroached on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.


The proposal of the Iranian health minister to treat the wounded Armenian occupants in his country means one thing - Iran is ready to become Armenia's "military rear". And with a view to possible future wars.  After all, the Armenian revanchists make no secret of their intention to reclaim Karabakh from Azerbaijan.


Meanwhile, the treatment of the wounded is an essential part of a state's military policy, ensuring its "military rear". Incidentally, even Russia has not rendered such assistance to its CSTO ally, while Iran is ready to do so.


Considering that the Armenian state is pauperised and is unable to allocate the necessary funds from its budget to treat the wounded and disabled, this is a very significant help. Especially considering the extremely low level of Armenian medicine. It's no secret that Armenians don't want to be treated by Armenian doctors, knowing well their doubtful "professionalism" and excessive greed.


Actually, Iran is ready to treat Armenian occupants wounded during the liberation war in Karabakh, which indicates that in case of a new war, it is ready to take on this "medical war load". And not just medical. Iran is already talking about supplying weapons to Armenia, and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is ready to fight for Armenian interests.




Alexandre Zakariadze

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