"Farewell to unwashed Russia!" - Armenian gratitude

28.02.23 17:00

Pro-Kremlin propagandists, including those of Armenian nationality, continue to broadcast "confidence in Russia's victory" in the Ukrainian war. But it is obvious to all right-thinking people that with its policy of redrawing borders and supporting separatism, Russia has brought itself to disaster. It barely has the strength to "hold the Ukrainian front". There is no longer any question of Russia helping those who until recently were considered its "allies". Including assistance to Armenia, with its claims to foreign lands.


Everything that could historically be received from Russia, the Armenian nationalists have already received. And they "thanked" through their lobby and their representatives in the Russian government by manipulating the Russian leadership and driving Russia into a geopolitical dead-end.


The Russian Federation is unable to maintain and protect Armenia any longer. Not to mention using Russian bayonets to conquer foreign territories for Armenian nationalists, as was the case in the first Karabakh war.  From being a world power of first importance, deciding the fate of other countries, the Russian Federation is not even becoming a regional power, but a world pariah, losing ground everywhere.


The new regional order in the South Caucasus is being built without Russia, in which Armenia has already found new patrons - France and Iran. Well, how the Armenian nationalists "thank" the old benefactor Russia and its leadership - you can judge by the anti-Russian rally in Yerevan, timed to the anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2023. There were on that day in Yerevan and rallies "in support of Russia" organized by revanchists and pro-Russian organizations, but much smaller than the anti-Russian.


Coincidentally, the anti-Russian rally was heavily guarded by the "Pashinian" police. A sure sign that in reality the current Armenian government fully shares the anti-Russian views of the protesters, but is not yet expressing them itself, allowing allegedly "opposition" pro-Western politicians to do so.


Here is a typical video from this rally with the characteristic slogans "Goodbye unwashed Russia"



"Putin is a thief and a murderer"



Thus, having received everything they could from Russia as its "allies" at a critical moment in its history, Armenian nationalists are eager to quickly sign up as Russia's "irreconcilable enemies". To gain dividends from its catastrophe.


That this catastrophe is more than likely, was recently said by none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stated on November 26, 2023, that the West wants to dismember Russia and the Russian people, create separate "Muscovites", "Uralians", etc. That is, it seems that the Kremlin is beginning to realize that its total support for separatism "boomerang" is returning and will soon hit Russia itself, threatening its collapse.


But here, too, it seems that Armenian nationalists do not mind "snatching a bite" from Russia as it is falling apart. And they even know what kind - the Krasnodar region, now Russia's Black Sea coast of Caucasus. And for this they already have "their" army - the Wagner PMC, based in the city of Goryachi Klyuch, Krasnodar Krai, controlled by the Armenian diaspora. And it is no coincidence that the owner of Wagner PMC Evgeny Prigozhin was recently interviewed by none other than Semyon Pegov, "duty propaganda mutt" of the Armenian lobby and Russian media tycoon of Armenian origin Aram Gabrelyanov.


This interview was circulated on social networks not at any time, but during a confrontation between Yevgeny Prigozhin and the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defence, headed by Sergei Shoigu. Evgeny Prigozhin "under the mask of "patriotism" began to discredit his country's military department, accusing it of "under-delivery of ammunition" to his structure. And at the same time Pegov advertises Prigozhin on his Wargonzo channel as a "military strategist" who is ready "to reach the English Channel".


Naturally, Russia will not reach the English Channel, nor is it certain that it will succeed in taking the long-suffering Ukrainian town of Bakhmut. But Pegov presents Prigozhin as a "great patriot". Although in times of war to accuse his defence minister of "sabotage" (and sabotage of ammunition supplies falls under this article) and this is nothing short of an accusation of treason.  In essence, the pro-Armenian propagandist Semyon Pegov engaged in nothing less than propaganda for a "field commander" who had rebelled against his military superiors.


Meanwhile, this warlord, who has a real military force that is not subordinate to the country's leadership, will soon be "dividing" Russia, in the interests of certain sponsors. Aram Gabrielyanov and his fellow tribesmen will surely be among them. Well, it seems that Armenian nationalists in Yerevan hired another PMC to protect their interests - Iran's IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps). Geopolitics is being "reformatted", the "old" military powers recede into the past, to be replaced by new structures, sometimes "non-governmental" or "interstate" (which is already the IRGC). And the Armenian nationalists seem to have "sensed" this moment.


While Armenian nationalists in Yerevan are trying to smear Russia as insultingly as possible, in Russia their compatriots are still acting as "Russian patriots.  But they are already placing their bets not on the Russian state, but on the "private" military structures. And they are already doing a great deal of preparatory work in preparation to "pounce on the corpse" of dying Russia.  Obviously, there is no fundamental difference between Zhirayr Sefilyan, who insults Russia with the last words in Yerevan, and Aram Gabrilyanov, who ruins Russia by throwing information bombs inside Russia. Spitting on Russia on the eve of its catastrophe and preparing to participate in its partition is the principle of "gratitude" of Armenian nationalists.



Varden Tsulukidze

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