Kakha Kaladze: The rehabilitation of Varketili metro station will start on February 9 and will continue for 18 months

01.02.23 14:00

The rehabilitation of Varketili metro station will start on February 9 and will continue for 18 months.


As the Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze said at the meeting of the capital's government, the complete rehabilitation of the metro station will cost 13.4 million GEL.


"We are starting the rehabilitation works of the Varketili metro. Certain works were carried out under the previous Mayor, but we remember what a miserable result happened in the Varketili metro, I mean the collapse of the ceiling. Since then, it has not been possible to carry out these works. There were too many problems with companies taking responsibility. The company that will perform the mentioned works is "Bada Construction", which also carries out the rehabilitation works of Avlabri metro. The total value of the contract is 13.4 million GEL, which includes the complete rehabilitation of the interior and internal infrastructure of the station. Among them, the existing asbestos ceiling will be dismantled and a new ceiling will be installed with modern materials. The company will start work on February 9 and it will be implemented according to all established norms and standards. The term of performance of works was determined for 18 months. The mentioned project should be completed by the summer of next year. We will have to close the metro station for about 2 months, between June and August, for the safe dismantling/installation of the asbestos ceiling in the lower platform and inclined tunnel of the Varketili metro station. During the metro station closure period, we will do our best and try to add transport lines to the Varketili direction, with the appropriate number of buses, in order to help passengers reach their destination as much as possible," said Kaladze.



source: IPN

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