Council of European Union appoints Dimitrios Karabalis as new Head of EUMM Georgia

01.02.23 10:00

The Council of the European Union appointed today Dimitrios Karabalis, a Greek diplomat, as the new Head of Mission for the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia). The relevant information is posted on the official website of the Council of the European Union.


Dimitrios Karabalis is currently Director for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, South Caucasus and Central Asia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic. His mandate as Head of EUMM Georgia will run from 1 February until 14 December 2023. He succeeds Ambassador Marek Szczygiel, a polish diplomat, as Head of Mission.


The decision to appoint Mr Karabalis was taken by the Political and Security Committee.



source: IPN 

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