Opposition political parties to hold rally in support of Georgia's European choice and solidarity with Ukraine on February 24

23.01.23 14:00

On February 24, opposition political parties (Droa, Girchi - More Freedom, Strategy Builder) and representatives of various spheres of society will hold a rally in support of Georgia's European choice and solidarity with Ukraine. They announced the above at a joint briefing today.


According to Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strategy Builder, they are starting a process that will lead to a great victory.


"Today politicians, public figures, expert society and academic circles, members of the national movement and the supreme council all stand together and we are united by one thing - the idea of a strong Georgia with European and Western civilization. What unites us is the choice of the absolute majority of the population of Georgia of the recent decades. Unfortunately, the party that is in power today wants to question this choice. They have left the constitutional framework, betrayed the will of the Georgian people and they are telling us that Russia is better than building a strong Georgia together with the civilized world. We cannot put up with it, no matter how much disinformation campaign they run, it will not work, so we suggest that on February 24, we gather on Rustaveli, in order to first of all let each other know that no disinformation works against us and our unshakable will will never be revised. And let's gather to tell the Ukrainian people – just as steadily our people are fighting with you every day, so steadily brave Georgian nation stands by you, and let's gather to honor our heroes, who are insulted by Georgian Dream.


We stand by you, fighters! Thank you for so bravely defending the interests of our nation on the front, which is the front of Georgia, not the front of Ukraine. On the front, which is the front of the civilized world against the evil empire that will surely be defeated. We are starting a process that will lead to a great victory," Vashadze said.



source: IPN 

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