US Ambassador: Georgia has done many things to support Ukraine

20.01.23 16:10

“We have consistently urged both Georgia and Ukraine to discuss these important issues privately and not in public,” US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan said, commenting on statements by Ukraine’s chargé d’affaires in Georgia, Andrii Kasyanov, and Oleksiy Goncharenko, Verkhovna Rada MP, on the issue of weapon supply to Ukraine by Georgia.


“This is a very sensitive time. Russia is waging war to take Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence away from it. So it is a stress and pressure for everyone. The United States has asked all our allies and partners to look to see what is comfortable for them to support Ukraine.


And to do that, Georgia has done many things, especially in the humanitarian area, by voting in the international forum, and, that is what is important, each country determines what it is comfortable doing.


Everyone is very well aware of the sensitive situation Georgia is in because 20% of your territory is occupied by Russia. So, that is the context, and we just again urge Georgia and Ukraine to discuss those matters in private,” the Ambassador said.



source: 1TV

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