Georgia's General Prosecutor regards transparency as essential for building trust

07.12.22 10:00

Transparency is crucial for establishing public trust in the prosecutor’s office. One of our top responsibilities is to inform the public about our efforts, including particular criminal cases, said Georgia’s General Prosecutor, Irakli Shotadze, in a report to the Prosecutor’s Council on the preceding nine months’ activity.


The report contains a statistical and analytical overview of the agency’s operations, criminal justice policy execution, system challenges, and future objectives.


The general prosecutor emphasized the agency’s proactive sharing of a wide range of information, remarks, and briefings as evidence of its efforts to promote transparency.


As Irakli Shotadze noted, there have been numerous occurrences of systematic misinformation dissemination.


“This is done to bring the prosecutor’s office and the justice system into disrepute. As a result, countering misinformation is the concern. We are working hard to ensure that faulty and incorrect information does not damage trust in the Prosecutor’s Office,” the General Prosecutor stated.




source: IPN 

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