MEP Picula: Candidate status for Ukraine, Moldova; European Perspective for Georgia strong political signs of support

23.11.22 16:30

MEP Tonino Picula on Tuesday presented a report to EP Plenary on a New EU Strategy for Enlargement, saying the agreement on the candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova and the recognition of the European Perspective for Georgia “are strong political signs of support.”


In his address, Picula went on to say that that “each enlargement country should be judged on its own merits,” while “as the EU, we should overcome the enragement gridlock by re-ramping the accession process both as the political goal and methodology.”


“With this decision, the scope of the enlargement policy was officially extended to the EaP countries. Therefore, our internal administrative structures and internal financial instruments will need to be adjusted accordingly. For that, we believe, we need a new EU strategy for enlargement in which we have to define clear and transparent policy objectives and implement necessary and timely institutional reforms,” he stated.




source: 1TV

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