MEP Mazylis: Clear perspective needs to be given to Georgia

23.11.22 16:00

MEP Liudas Mazylis on Tuesday addressed the EP Plenary on a New EU Strategy for Enlargement, saying “the granting of candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine was a positive step and a clear perspective needs to be given to Georgia.”


Mazylis noted that “since the big wave of enlargement of 2004, we are hearing talks about enlargement fatigue, but I would say that we are suffering from the fatigue of non-enlargement.”


“We are just repeating – you are getting closer but you have to wait a bit longer. The world’s patience is not limitless. We are acting like this and we wonder why the world is getting more Eurosceptic and why it gravitates towards such dangerous place as Russia or China,” he noted.


MEP Mazylis added that “Russia’s war against Ukraine is not an argument for postponing the enlargement.”




source: 1TV

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