Nika Svimonishvili: Oligarchical rule is connected with Ivanishvili, who controls everything - the Georgian Dream law can be used against him, if there is political will to do so

22.11.22 14:50

What the government is doing by adopting the de-oligarchization law is to inflame further the evils that is unfortunately happening in this country - this law can be used against Bidzina Ivanishvili as well, if there is a political will, but the government will not have the political will, because it is impossible to make decisions against the person whose will they enforce, the chairman of GYLA, Nika Simonishvili, told reporters.


According to him, the mentioned law will be a political tool against political opponents.


"One issue regarding the de-oligarchization law is the most interesting and noteworthy, that even last week during his visit to Georgia, the European Commissioner directly announced that Georgia should send this draft law to the Venice Commission and after receiving the corresponding conclusion from them, the discussion should continue, although in fact, the words of the European Commissioner were ignored by Georgian Dream and it was passed in the second reading, which means that it is impossible to make any changes. This will be possible if the government really has the political will and sends this bill, and in this case it will be possible to return to the first reading and make changes. Why doesn't the government do this?! Because we all know very well that without the reform of democratic institutions, it will be a political tool against political opponents, as for the fact that they are waiting for the evaluation of Ukrainian law - the government sometimes tries to take manipulative steps and evaluate some laws without considering the context. Any law without context is a piece of paper. If the context is not taken into account and you take the law as it is, it can be used for evil purposes. The context, reality and conditions of Ukraine and ours are absolutely different. What the government is doing by passing the de-oligarchization law is to further inflame the evils that are unfortunately happening in this country.


The problem with oligarchic rule is not related to one person in particular. This is a systemic problem and a problem that needs to be addressed at the systemic level. As of today, the oligarchic rule is completely connected with Bidzina Ivanishvili, who controls everything in this country, although this law can also be used against Bidzina Ivanishvili, if there is a political will for it, but the government will not have the political will to do so, because it is impossible to make decisions against the person whose will they enforce. This law provides an opportunity to take revenge against political opponents, however, de-oligarchization implies not only making a decision in relation to one specific person, but also a whole chain of systemic changes, which will not lead us to the result that Bidzina Ivanishvili or anyone else will somehow fit into this oligarchic chain.


Unfortunately, this law does not look at anything systemically - the only system that the government is interested in is to remove political opponents from the political battlefield," said Nika Simonishvili.




source: IPN 

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