NATO PA resolutions call for more support for Georgia

22.11.22 10:00

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid passed two resolutions that mention Georgia.


The resolution Supporting NATO’s Post-Summit Deterrence and Defence Initiatives calls on Alliance member governments and parliaments to implement, in a timely fashion, the Tailored Support Measures adopted at the June 2022 Summit for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, which will further enhance their defence capabilities and resilience.


The resolution Fit for Purpose in the New Strategic Era reaffirms steadfast support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.


“The Assembly is welcoming wholeheartedly the invitation for Finland and Sweden to join the Alliance, which has been ratified by nearly all member-state parliaments, and which would strengthen the EuroAtlantic security as a whole, and reiterating its unwavering support to NATO’s Open Door Policy and the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the document states.


The Assembly urges member governments and parliaments to step up support to vulnerable partners Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova to help build their integrity and resilience, develop capabilities and uphold their political independence, and to continue supporting the Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The document also encourages member governments and parliaments “to state clearly that the Russian state under the current regime is a terrorist one”.




source: 1TV

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