Soso Gogashvili's cousin was arrested

08.11.22 15:20

Nika Gogashvili, cousin of the former deputy head of the State Security Service, Soso Gogashvili, was arrested. Soso Gogashvili's son, Nini Gogashvili, told IPN about this.


As he explains, Nika Gogashvili is accused of selling the weapon that was seized from their house on July 16, which is absurd.


"He had his weapon with us because he stayed with us periodically, he himself lives in Telavi. These weapons were seized from our house on July 16. Nika Gogashvili was arrested under the 3rd part of Article 236 of the Criminal Code, which refers to the selling of firearms, which is absurd, he had 3 weapons purchased and signed in his name, and he didn't sell them. He is Soso Gogashvili's cousin, this is the reason for political persecution. That's why they arrested him, which is an injustice and an illegal act.


Nika Gogashvili was arrested in Telavi, he was with his friends when they came to him in 3 cars. Now he is being brought to SSG, we have been informed by the investigator. It is worth noting as to why he was arrested after 3 months and not immediately, if there was any illegal activity. This article provides imprisonment from 6 to 9 years," Gogashvili said.




source: IPN 

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